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April 1, 2022
OUR WICKED LADY (with Mark Buffalo) - Brooklyn

April 14, 2022
KOBRICK COFFEE (with Breaking Sound) - Manhattan

April 27, 2022

May 17, 2022
TV EYE- Brooklyn (Full Band) 

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"The truth has a way of coming out, whether we want it to or not. Despite our best intentions to put on a face or stifle intuition, there are components of ourselves that require revealing, hidden facets that necessitate an audience even if a part of us still feels scared or embarrassed when it’s time to raise the curtain.


Such is the story behind Livvy Marcus Eats Her Shoe, the debut album by Brooklyn-based actor and songwriter Livvy Marcus a.k.a. Morninglory. An eleven-track record straddling the line between classic Americana and folk-pop, Marcus describes its creation in terms incidental, an LP that assumed form over a long gestation period in which she intentionally did not want to write a record—let alone become a musician.


“When I was writing these songs, it was during this cumulative period where learning how to make music was new to me—and in many ways, it still is,” Marcus says. “At the same time, I felt this sensation that spending as much time as I was on songwriting, or even trying to be a musician, was a distraction from what I was supposed to be focusing on, which was acting.”


In spite of Marcus’s initial reluctance, she continued to write tracks that she assumed no one would ever hear while acclimating to the discipline of songwriting. This fresh approach to songcraft paired with an expected audience of one endow her freshmen offering with an equal measure of candor and sincerity—qualities that bolster her approach to confessional storytelling. 


From the soul-bearing admissions and pie-eyed optimism of the introductory “Don’t Forget Me,” to the traditional refrain of the solely acoustic “Lenny,” and through the Joni Mitchell-esque romp on “I’m Tired,” plainspoken, earnest folk is the leitmotif that binds these near-dozen songs together. Marcus herself describes the record an outpouring of thoughts and emotions that had gone too long unsaid, stating it’s “like a good banana bread, in the sense that it was made in my kitchen with stuff that was getting a little overripe.”


Alongside Marcus’s performances on both acoustic guitar and vox, however, are a number of accompaniments, ranging from traditional upright bass and pedal steel to eccentric ambient noises and found objects, the latter of which come courtesy of Marcus’s collaboration with Brice Jackson (Altimetry), who served as the record’s producer. 


This blend of sonic components both classic and Avante Garde add to Livvy Marcus’s traditional-yet-contemporary sound, making it required listening for fans of acts such as Adrianne Lenker and Nick Drake.


Beyond its many parts and nylon-strung narrative, Livvy Marcus Eats Her Shoe is in many ways a reminder of the sensitive, truer self in all of us, one we can only explore when we let our guards down. 


“I am easily embarrassed, and I find life, in both a positive and negative way, to be completely humiliating,” says Marcus. “But there’s bravery, and maybe some truthfulness, in forgetting your audience and embracing that embarrassment.”

-Connor Beckett McInerney






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All photos by Liv Rhodes

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